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You asked and we listened: Lanyards are here!

To help with line management on the opening day of a sale, we will begin utilizing a lanyard system.

The estate sale manager on duty may decide to issue numbered lanyards.  Lanyards are provided for the comfort of our customers and are issued solely on a 1st-come-1st-served basis. They will not be issued more than 2 hours in advance of the scheduled open of the sale.  There are 16 lanyards – why?  Because we can comfortably allow 16 people into a house on the first rush, allow them to filter through the house, and then allow more shoppers in by groups of 2 & 4.  Shoppers who arrive after the last lanyard is issued must physically maintain their position in line.  Customers receiving lanyards typically begin to arrive hours before the sale opens.  Be wearing a lanyard, they are able to be more relax while they wait, spread out, find a shady spot, or wait in their vehicle.  In addition, the lanyard policy is in place to prevent one person from arriving early and “holding places” in line for others who arrive later. Here are some points to note when utilizing the lanyard system:

~ Only one lanyard is issued per shopper. No exceptions!  Lanyards are non-transferable (no swapping).

~ You may wait in your car, but if you leave the property, you  forfeit your place in line. It’s a good idea to be sure you can see the entrance to the sale and hear any opening announcements.

~ You must be in position when the sale opens. The 1st 16 should line up in numerical order.

~ Be aware that the sale may open early.

~ Do not roam the property.

~ The line monitors itself.

~ Have lanyard in-hand when entering the sale.

The Mint Green Tag Sale Company continually strives to make improvements to our processes and we welcome any feedback you may have in regards to our Lanyard Policy. Please email us at anytime at