Choosing an Estate Sale company is a big decision.  There are a number of things to consider when liquidating items.  It can be overwhelming at first but hopefully the information on this page will simplify your decision.clip art woman thoughful MGTSC BDDFBA

Where to start?

  • You will easily find an antique dealer, auctioneer, consignor, or charity that will take some of the items off your hands…the key word is some.  Anything notable will be cherry picked and you could still be left dealing with the bulk of the items.  Charities vary on what they will pick-up or take – some will accept undamaged furniture, but not large appliances; some will take clothing, but not bedding.  Other items to strike off of most charity lists are baby items (non-clothing) and baby equipment, seasonal items, computers, pianos, gas-powered lawn equipment, paint, scrap metal, insecticides or other household chemicals- ALL SELLABLE ITEMS!  Call The Mint Green Tag Sale Company first and position yourself to MAKE MORE MONEY!

Make more money? Now that we have your attention…

Our estate sale company will take on the ENTIRE contents of a home or property.  There is a buyer for everything!  We liquidate onsite, instead of slowly piecing everything out and potentially giving away items that could be sold.  If desired, at the conclusion of your sale, we will review the inventory and manage the remnants.  We know where to send any item.  Some items may be forwarded to auction or consignment, while other things may be donated to charity (all paperwork done in the client’s/estate’s name).  We can facilitate the entire process to completion on your behalf – another load off your mind!

Our holistic approach to liquidating the contents of your estate results in a more profitable sale.  For example, imagine a beautiful set of sterling flatware.  When we promote your sale to our following and highlight that item it may attract multiple buyers.  Customers coming to look at it will undoubtedly buy other items while at the sale.  By not allowing this item to be cherry picked before the sale, it positively impacts your bottom line.

Ok, so you’re sold on the idea of an estate sale company. How do you choose which one to work with?

Well, the obvious choice is The Mint Green Tag Sale Company.  But don’t take our word for it!  Any reputable estate sale planner will furnish references upon request and we are no exception.  We welcome the opportunity to sit down with you.  A great way to choose the best partner for your sale is to interview several planners.  Our consultation is free!  Estate sales are what we do!  We do not have the distraction of managing an antique store or consignment shop.  Our full attention is given to your estate sale.

Experience is an added bonus with our estate sale company.

The Mint Green Tag Sale Company has a wealth of experience to pull from to make your estate sale a success.  We have become the most active onsite estate sale company in the area with over 200 sales managed.  To drive traffic to your sale we call upon our email and social media lists to hyper-advertise a sale – reaching over 30,000 contacts.  We also have various print and online outlets to promote your sale on top of that.  Our professional signage guides our loyal following of shoppers to your front door, as well as other passersby.  We merchandise our displays to get the best exposure and make the biggest impact.  Our checkout process is professional and fast.  We were the first estate sale company in the Savannah area to utilize a cash register and have the ability to accept credit and debit cards.  Fast check outs boost sales and allow customers to get their first round of purchases loaded into their vehicles and get back in the sale quickly with no need to make an ATM run.

We are local…no matter the location.

Literally.  We are a small business serving the Greater Savannah Area. We support the community through a number to civic and philanthropic activities.  Our clients and shoppers are your neighbors.  The Mint Green Tag Sale Company’s profits stay local.

We hope choosing an estate sale company just got easier.