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Guest Blog: Transformation – Brass Lamp

Blog Submission by: Nanci Zabko

Brazen Design Group:

Old brass lamp_Before

Before: Brass Lamp

After: Lighted Jewelry Display

After: Lighted Jewelry Display

I spotted this brass lamp at a Mint Green Tag Sale in Bloomingdale, GA.  An image of what it could look like and what it could be used for flashed through my head the minute I saw it.

The first step was to remove all the plastic crystals and replace them with vintage glass chandelier crystals.  I added rhinestone beads for extra sparkle.

The second step was to refinish the lamp itself. I did this by scoring the surface of the brass with very light grit sandpaper then applying a primer.  After drying, I applied two coats of color.

The finished product will be used to display jewelry for my small business.  So, next time you’re shopping at an Estate Sale hosted by The Mint Green Tag Sale Company, look at items for what they could be; not necessarily what they are.  Happy Shopping!

As a thank you for Nanci’s contributing Blog she will receive a $25 credit good at the next Estate Sale.  Would you like to receive a $25 credit and show off your treasure hunting skills or knowledge?  Check out the post here to see how: CLICK