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Guest Blog: The Magic of Estate Sales!



Guest Blog by Scott West

DC Comic

It was a hot summer in June of 1970. I was down on a tobacco farm in Southwest Georgia.  To escape the heat, I’d go  grocery shopping with my mom.  While she was in the grocery store, she would drop me off at the air conditioned bookstore which was an Aladdin’s  cave of magical  treasures and adventures.  My favorites were the comics and Sci-Fi.  That week, I used my hard-earned money to buy DC Comics House of Mystery- mainly because of cover story of a Garden Statue of a Faun/ satyr coming to life and saving the lives of two children.  I so idFaunentified with that statue. I wanted one to come and rescue me!  Later in life, I joined a ballet dance troupe, wrote a thesis on Debussy’s   Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune (Translation: Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun). For the past 45 years, I searched yard sales, estate sales, antique auctions, junk shops, to find this magical satyr water fountain. I found many ones, but all were not quite right, too fat, too short, too new, none had the lithe magical quality of the one from that childhood story until I visited The Mint Green Tag Sale Company one cold winter morning. There at an estate sale, in the backyard of an Ardsley park mansion, hidden among the bushes, completely overgrown and barely visible; I found the magical fountain of my dreams!!! I quickly snatched that sucker and ran to see hosts AJ & Cody Hetzel at the check- out desk. I threw the asking price in cash at them and raced off in my Jeep to bring my latest treasure home!  I’m sure they had no idea how they had unwittingly fulfilled a lifelong dream and restored a sense of youthful magic into the Savannah garden of an aging and no longer lithe believer!  That’s why I go to estate sales…miracles happen when you least expect them!


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