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Opening an Estate Sale early…

Our customers have come to love our sales! Why? It’s simple! We present outstanding one of a kind merchandise, in a well-organized fashion and we price our items reasonably! We also have a strict first come, first served policy in place. We do not pre-sell items, so when you see something pictured for sale on our website, that item is available when we open the doors to the sale.

All customers receive the same VIP level treatment as antique dealers, re-sellers, and our own personal friends and family. We level playing field by treating everyone as equals. Understandably, there may be some confusion when we open a sale early. We typically will open early if there is extreme heat/cold/rain, or traffic bottlenecks and disrupts the neighborhood. We will also open early due to an excessive turnout. If the line gathers to a length where it is clear that the last person standing in line has no chance of entering the home before the scheduled start time of the sale, then we may choose to open our doors. This allows us to move our customers through the home in a timely manner. Rest assured that if and when we open the doors early, it is not to allow an elite few to have private preview party. Admittance to our sales is always first come, first served.

The Mint Green Tag Sale Company continually strives to make improvements to our processes and we welcome any feedback you may have in regards to our Opening Policy. Please email us at any time at