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Based in Savannah, GA, The Mint Green Tag Sale Company is a full-service estate and tag sale company.


Estate Sale Success with The Mint Green Tag Sale Company

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Based in Savannah, GA, The Mint Green Tag Sale Company is a full-service estate sale company.  After gaining years of experience in the Senior Living Industry, our company was born out of the necessity of seniors and their families to help them during the downsizing process of moving from their home to a retirement community.  Over the years we have become very familiar with the unique situations involved with the “5 D’s”: Downsizing, Death, Divorce, Deployment, and Debt™.  We manage full and partial estate liquidations from start to finish.  We are here to handle it for you or your loved one and take the stress out of an otherwise hectic situation!

We love what we do for a number of reasons.  Our passion is to help people and families during difficult times.  We are usually contacted just before or after a life changing event takes place.  We are empathetic to the emotions during these times and take pride in being chosen to help.  Secondly, to us, it is the ultimate “green” business.  We have the opportunity to give items that might be simply discarded and eventually find their way to a landfill another chance to serve their purpose.  In most cases, it has taken decades to collect the items found at our sales – we respect that.  We are excited to host a sale and see enthusiastic people eager to give antiques and collectibles a new home.

Bring in an expert like The Mint Green Tag Sale Company to help you through this process.  The tangible benefit is the extra funds a professional sale can provide to a family or estate and help clear-out a home so it can be rented or sold.  When the sale is complete there is an immediate sense of closure for our client’s and their families.

We can manage ALL aspects of an estate sale: Pricing, Prepping, Research, Promoting, and Staffing.

Our process is customized based on your specific needs and timeline.  Once booked, we can have a space vacated and ready for show or sale in about a 10 days.  You can expect that your sale will be well organized and professional!  As mentioned above, there are many reasons why a family may need to liquidate a household.  We treat each family as if they are an extension of our own.  Rest assured that we will make an estate sale as stress-free as possible.  We want your experience with us to leave you feeling renewed and refreshed.

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