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Just in time for Easter: Fabergé Eggs

If you love Easter then you know the history of the Fabergé egg.  Here are some quick notes for those who don’t:

Initially, these eggs were made under the supervision of renowned jeweler Peter Carl Fabergé and consisted of precious metals and gemstones.  The most famous and recognized ones were commissioned by the Russian royal family between 1885 and 1917.  They would give them as Easter presents to each other and are the most elaborate of the eggs.  There were only 50 made in total; 43 have been accounted for at the time of this post.  The last of the “lost eggs” that was recently found is valued at $33,000,000.

Talk about a way to spice up your Easter egg hunt!

Our sale this week (4/14/2017 & 4/15/2017) gives you a chance to own some eggs made by the House of Fabergé.  Talk about timing…that’s right before Easter.  See you there comrades!