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It Pays To Partner with a Professional!

We are big fans of DIY (Do It Yourself)! There are many projects that can be explained simply enough so that a novice could tackle them with little or no experience.  These are the delightful things that Pinterest is made of! Peruse and enjoy! Let your creative juices flow! Roll up your sleeves and get to work.  But rest assured, planning and hosting an estate sale is NOT one of these things.  There are several reasons why it pays to partner with a professional.  Here are just a few:

 The professionals know how to negotiate. Your estate sale planner will typically work on a sales commission basis and they will negotiate on your behalf.  Haggling is something most folks are uncomfortable with. Buyers coming in to your home are looking for a deal, plain and simple. Don’t let them beat you up on the price of your personal belongings, or those of a loved one.  Do you really feel like going toe to toe with a complete stranger on the value of your great grand-mother’s hand stitched wedding quilt?

 Consider your emotional state. Estate sales typically occur after the loss of a loved one, or a relocation or divorce. These are the most stressful events that a person will have to deal with in their lifetime.  Find an estate sale planner you trust, and let them handle all of the details. You should have little to no involvement in this process.

 Payment processing. Can you accept credit cards in your garage? Well, most professional estate sale planners can, and this translates into extra dollars. In addition, we are experienced in cash handling and bring our own cash register. Do you think you will feel like tracking down that bad check after the conclusion of the sale? What is your returned check policy? If you are unsure, you should call a professional and let them handle it.

 Merchandising Matters.  Estate sales should showcase your items. Are you thinking of piling all of the crystal and china on top of that dining room table and presenting it for sale? This is a common rookie mistake. What happens when the table sells first? Where will the china go? Professionals will have their own tables and racks so that the sale will move smoothly and everything that is for sale is beautifully displayed. After all, the dining room table shouldn’t be buried under merchandise when it is generally valued higher than the contents that are hiding it from the buyer.

 The Bottom Line? Pricing. A professional estate sale planner will be on top of all of the latest trends and will price your items accordingly. We will assess your merchandise impartially, and price it to move based on experience.  More times than not, valuable items are overlooked by family members.  We keep abreast on what is desirable or en vogue at the moment, and it can be surprising!

Liquidating the entire contents of a residence is a monumental task that should be done by an experienced professional, not the family, or a neighbor or a friend of the family. When you pick the right partner, you will make more money than going it alone, and the process will be painless.