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Guest Blog: The Curious Cabinet

Guest Blog by: Deborah Miller

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The Curious Cabinet

While at a recent Mint Green Tag Sale,  I uncovered a curious cabinet and couldn’t resist the price!  I thought to myself, what do I have to lose?   Then keeping that same train of thought, I knew it would work perfectly as a display for my handmade jewelry.

With little time to spare since I had a show the following week,  I brought it home, excitedly running through the myriad of repurposing options I had in my head.  However, heeding the advice my husband and daughter always give me after I come home with these “finds”, I needed to calm down and figure out exactly what I had.  After combing through Etsy, Ebay and other internet sources, the answer was revealed.   I had a vintage sewing cabinet on my hands, some versions sell for upwards of $95.    At this point the devil on my right shoulder was enticed with the potential for a quick profit, while the angel on my left shoulder wanted to keep this vintage treasure.

The cabinet has small metal castors on the bottom, so it rolls when you open it.    There are nails to hold spools and glass jars attached on the underside of the shelves by the lid to hold buttons and small items.   The cabinet also contains shelves and a big pouch.



So I got going on cleaning it up right away.  A good scrubbing, a gentle bath in wood oil to make it shine, took that look of uncleaned attic dust right off!  I removed and salvaged the old vintage fabric (had a small tote handbag in mind for that!) and purchased new upholstery tacks.   Now I was energized to make it mine!   I then picked out two complementing fabrics from my salvage fabric bin, one for the inside and one for the outside.   I then chose ribbon for hanging earrings and instead of removing the fabric pouch,  I temporarily covered over it with the same material I used on the exterior.  I’ll remove it and reinstall it properly when more time allows.



I’ve now used it in three shows and it works like a charm.  The nails are great for hanging necklaces and stacking rings on.  I later added some tiny command holiday light hooks on the edges of the shelves to hang additional necklaces.  This way, I can remove them and the wood won’t be damaged.  The cabinet gives height to my display, adds interest, and most importantly I love it!


Can’t wait for my next “find” when I visit a Mint Green Tag Sale!


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