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Guest Blog: Sconces

Guest Blog by: Mary Kramer


Lighten Up with Some Sconces

I always check out the photos of the current Mint Green Tag Sale and make a list as there are so many treasures to be had and one can easily be distracted from why you were going.

Mint Green hosted a fabulous estate sale recently at The Landings (a gated community) and I was late in the day but still scooped up some great items.  A pair of wall sconces were on my “must have” list and I was delighted to see that they were still there.  They really were awfully, badly painted with blobs and blue tack in the candle holders but I loved them because of the structure.

First, I used a single edged razor blade to remove the paste and chip some of the green painted blisters.  Then, I gently scoured the surfaces with fine wire wool.  Next, after brushing with a soft paintbrush, I applied antique gold and Spanish copper RubnBuff in broad strokes with a clean white cotton cloth.  Finally, I applied just the gold with a short tapered paintbrush to add fine lines.

An original purchase to resell in my store – I still have them at home as I can’t bear to part with them!


As a thank you for Mary’s contributing Blog she will receive a $25 credit good at the next Estate Sale.  Would you like to receive a $25 credit and show off your treasure hunting skills or knowledge?  Check out the post here to see how: CLICK