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Guest Blog: (Re) Minted Art

Guest Blog by: Russell Kueker

(Re) Minted Art

If you have a creative bone in your body, you probably saw the newsprint clipping of a quote making the rounds on social media last year: “People need art in their houses.  They don’t need Bed Bath and Beyond dentist-office art.  They need weird stuff.” – Ezra Croft, art show producer.

The quote came from an article in the San Francisco Herald about a Croft produced art show that was dedicated to comedian Bill Murray, and speaks to anyone who has a disdain for bad big-box-store mass-produced art.  It’s pretty much the mantra for how I build my collection.

It’s one of many reasons I love attending Mint Green Tag Sales- they feed my addiction to artful finds and weird stuff!  Many times I have recommended to people looking for art for their homes to keep Mint Green’s sales checked.  Before spending strip mall retail prices for something you might also see at a co-worker’s Christmas party in a few months, try looking for new-to-you art at an estate sale.  The pieces are sure to be unique.  They have history, and for sure there is a story to be made in their acquisition.

A favorite Mint Green find in my collection is this poster I found last summer at a sale on Burnside Island.  This treasure was rolled up on a pile of trash and other discards in a dank basement room.  It had a big tear near the bottom.  It needed saving.  I had to have it!

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As the skies turned from bright blue to black as pitch, we checked out with AJ and headed back midtown.  Then the bottom dropped out of the sky, and Savannah had one of those massive summer gully washers.  It took over thirty minutes to return home as street after street and nearly every intersection was flooded.  What a story!

A brief bit of research informed me that this was a 1971 Porky Pig psychedelic black light poster!  It’s not a lost Picasso, but it makes me smile every time I look at it.  The very next weekend, I happened to find a frame at a yard sale that fit it perfectly.  Now it hangs on the painted brick wall in the sunroom with other fun MGTS finds.

So before spending your hard earned duckets on some conveyor belt art, head to some Mint Green Tag Sales.  You may find pieces from local artists, vintage prints or photography, dusty treasures that just need some windex and spray paint, or who knows what, but you’ll definitely find something different for yourself or a gift!

As a thank you for Russell’s contributing Blog he will receive a $25 credit good at the next Estate Sale.  Would you like to receive a $25 credit and show off your treasure hunting skills or knowledge?  Check out the post here to see how: CLICK