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Guest Blog Idea: Don’t Be Afraid To Take A Picture!

One of our shoppers, Kris Rice, suggested a blog idea based off a study done to help people de-clutter their life of items (even items with a sentimental value).  It sounds simple enough: take pictures of things to remember them instead of carrying the physical burden.

An example we see often is when when we have old family pictures available to buy.  It is inevitable that during the sale someone comments how it saddens them that no one in the family wanted the picture(s).  Many times the family has already taken a digital picture of the photo(s) as they are easier to store and share with other family members.

The same can be done with any items from an estate (or maybe you want to de-clutter your own home now).  Check out the research and story by Ohio State University  HERE.


As a thank you for Kris’s contributing Blog idea she will receive a $25 credit good at the next Estate Sale.  Would you like to receive a $25 credit and show off your treasure hunting skills or knowledge?  Check out the post here to see how: CLICK