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Guest Blog: Coastal Chic DIY

Guest Blog by: Polly Stramm Carver

Coastal Chic DIY

As newlyweds and new homeowners, my husband and I are always looking for good, quality furniture.  That’s why I love Mint Green Tag Sales!  A few months ago in the “announcement” e-mail I spotted a china cabinet that I knew would be perfect for our new dining room.  We love coastal chic and this particular piece was traditional but I knew it would look fantastic painted.  I was out of town for the sale but saw on Instagram that it was still available on the second day.  I texted my husband and told him to go NOW!  A while later he texted me back and said it was gone.  I was so disappointed.  Turns out, he was playing a joke and sent me a photo of the cabinet in the back of his truck!  I guess a good sense of humor makes for a great marriage.  Here’s a before and after picture.




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