Tips for Successful Estate Sale Shopping

If you are thinking of liquidating an estate, it’s normal to have questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked of our team.


What is the difference between an estate sale and a tag sale?

A fully appointed home containing a substantial amount of sale-able merchandise, that an heir or owner decides is to be sold on-site over the course of multiple days, is referred to as an estate sale.  Estate sales many times contain items gathered over the course of several generations and are often conducted by a professional team, such as ours.

In addition to estate sales, we also host partial, 1-day sales, which are generally referred to as tag sales.


Why does one have an estate sale?

The most common reason our clients choose to liquidate their estate is to downsize. Many of our clients have moved into a retirement community or smaller home. Other than downsizing, we host sales as a result of death, divorce, or simply due to a change in décor. Our team is discreet and will never comment on the particular reason/s a family chooses to host a sale.


Do I have enough for a professional sale?

If in doubt, let’s schedule an on-site evaluation. Since we are compensated largely on commission, we want to make sure you have enough merchandise to have a successful sale. If we decide that you do not have enough items to warrant an on-site sale, we will refer you to someone else who can help.


Do you do out of town estate sales?

Yes. While our core business is based in Savannah, Ga., we work throughout the state of Georgia as well as South Carolina. We evaluate opportunities outside of our core market on an individual basis. It is helpful for prospects to email us photographs as well as a brief description of the estate to be liquidated so that we can have a preliminary phone conversation to see if our team is the best fit for your sale.


What if I live outside of the area?

Not a problem. We will manage your sale from start to finish while keeping you informed with phone and/or email updates throughout the process. Our clients are never involved in the liquidation process.


Can I be onsite during the sale?

Our clients are hands off throughout the entirety of this process. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have hired an experienced team of professionals to run the sale and to handle even the smallest of details.


Can you host a sale in a condo/ gated community?

We work within the parameters of many HOAs in the Greater Savannah Area, including The Landings of Skidaway Island. If parking or gate restrictions are an obstacle to having an open access sale, we may be able to accommodate your needs with a “By appointment-only” or a “virtual” sale.


Do I need to clean the house?

It is normal for estates to be disheveled after the death of a loved one, or from simply going through the process of downsizing. Our team is experienced and professional and will always present your home as well as its contents in the best light possible. Under normal circumstances, we do not ask our clients to tidy up or clean before the project start date. As a matter of fact, we ask our clients NOT to throw anything away before we arrive. Time and again we have seen the old adage of “trash to treasure” come true. Our experience pays! We can almost always spot a diamond in the rough.


Lost treasure in the house. Where in the world could it be?

Whether the family is looking for lost sterling silver flatware or a forgotten antique wedding ring, chances are that we will find a lot of “misplaced” things as we open up drawers and boxes that have not seen the light of day in years or even decades. Just let us know before we get started to keep our eyes peeled and we will exclude these special items from the sale if we find them.  We routinely gather family photos, letters, and other personal mementos and store them in a keepsake box for our clients.


I know I need an estate sale; what’s next?

It is helpful to remove any items that will be retained by the family before an estate sale professional arrives onsite to do the initial consultation. If an item cannot be removed but is “Not For Sale” this should be discussed prior the signing of the agreement. Once a sales timeline has been established, and the agreement has been signed, we ask that nothing further be removed from the home by the client.


Your privacy is important to us.

We are often called in to help with a sensitive situation. All of our clients benefit from our compassion and professionalism. We believe in confidentiality and will provide such privileges to our clients.


Any other questions?  Just ask! We are happy to help.  

Thank you for considering an estate sale with us.