Please review some house rules to keep in mind while on location for our Estate Sales.

While Outside:

~ The line waiting to enter the sale must monitor itself – please respect other shoppers by not cutting in line or holding places for others (not in attendance).

~ Depending on the sale, we might pass out numbered lanyards to the first 16 shoppers.  These shoppers probably arrived very early and will sometimes wait hours to get into a sale during the first wave when the doors open.  The numbered lanyard allows them to relax in their car while they wait for the sale to open.  No, they are not given out to friends/dealers in advance.  EVERYONE has a shot at getting a lanyard – it just depends when you get to the sale.  Lanyards are only give to people as they arrive (you cannot hold an extra one for a friend).

~ If you arrive within 30 minutes of a scheduled opening the line may already be moving and people coming and going from the sale. Before we open a sale we evaluate the line outside. If the line appears long enough that the last person standing in line at that time will not be in the door by the scheduled opening time or that the buildup of people and cars poses as an issue for the neighborhood, then we will begin letting customers in.  Short hand version – if there are 20 people in line the sale will probably start at the stated time.  If there are 60 people in line, the sale may open 15 to 30 minutes early.  This is always at the discretion of the Estate Sale Manager on site.

Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping:

~ Everything is “as is, where is”.  Once you purchase something, it is your responsibility to remove it from the sale before it ends.

~ Do NOT pull tags or stickers off items – a price not appearing on an items does not constitute it as “Sold” (so feel free to ask).  Only a staff member can mark an item as sold and only AFTER it has been paid for.

~ If you create a “hold pile”, it is done so at your own risk.  Staff members are not responsible for monitoring hold piles.  If a hold pile becomes a hindrance or impedes other shoppers, then it will need to be paid for and removed or relinquished back into the sale.

~ All sales are final – no warranties or refunds are issued.  Test items, look for all the parts/pieces, know the measurements of what you need.  Once an item is paid for it is the responsibility of the buyer to remove it form the property.

~ If you purchase an item and need to pick it up later – it must be done during the sale’s hours of operation. If the sale ends on the final day and an item remains on the property, it will be considered abandoned and dealt with as deemed fit.  Sale hours are always posted on our website – please default to it if you have a question about the sale’s closing time.

~ Use caution while on the property: We are not responsible for accidents or injuries.  Please be on-guard for steps and items coming in, once inside, and leaving a sale.

~ Forms of payment: Cash (preferred and faster for checkout), Debit/Credit Cards are accepted along with local business checks (return check fee: $25)

~ There is no restroom available for use – EVER.  So please don’t ask and plan accordingly before leaving your home or office.

~ Team members are utilized in the house and are not able to help load items out.  Please bring help or put on your best smile and ask another shopper (It never hurts to offer help to another shopper – you might be the one needing help one day).  Tipping is encouraged if a member of the staff is able to give you a hand.

~ Children are an extension of the adult in charge of them – please be mindful.  If you wouldn’t leave your child home alone, then they should be within two feet of you at all times while in the sale.

~ No animals please (though we love them).  Sales take place in a private residence and the owner reserves the right to refuse entry to any animal.

~ Don’t make fun of the merchandise or make negative comments.  You never know who is listening and it is just rude.

~ It’s a home, but don’t make yourself at-home.  Sitting on furniture you have no interest in buying or trying to snoop around the property are no-no’s.

~ Don’t make a mess.  Did you bring something into the house from a garage or shed that’s dirty, rusty, or oily?  Please don’t set this item down on a carpet, rug, or fabric.  Did you get a little overzealous going through the vintage linens?  You don’t have to fold them perfectly, but please put them back with some assemblance of order.

In General:

~ You are a guest in someone’s property while at the sale.

~ Homes are sometimes for sale or rent – feel free to ask.

~ The families that hire us are anonymous – please do not ask personal questions…we won’t tell you anything.

~ Be courteous to everyone: neighbors, other shoppers, and sales staff.