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Caregiver Help

Estate Sales are often centered around one of the “5 D’s”: Downsizing, Death, Divorce, Debt, or Deployment. One area where two overlap is an unexpected change in someone’s health resulting in the possibility of Downsizing (moving to a location near…

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Re-Post: “The Tyranny of the Heirloom”

Working in the world of Estate Sales we often meet with families going through the process of what to keep and what to sell.  Nine times out of Ten, we hear, ” Well, I don’t really want this item, but…

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Yes, we can sell your car!

Do you have a car to sell?  The Mint Green Tag Sale Company can include your vehicle in a sale.  We get fast results!  Why settle for the trade in value when we can get you a fair price?  Avoid…

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