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Caregiver Help

Estate Sales are often centered around one of the “5 D’s”: Downsizing, Death, Divorce, Debt, or Deployment.

One area where two overlap is an unexpected change in someone’s health resulting in the possibility of Downsizing (moving to a location near a relative or to receive care) and Death (terminal illness).  This can be a very stressful time for the individual and their family.

Savannah is fortunate enough to have some great resources available to help families during this time of need.  One that we would like to spotlight in this post is the Edel Caregiver Institute with Hospice Savannah.  Located in their newest facility at 6000 Business Center Drive off the Chatham Parkway.

For the Caregiver who is going through so much, this is a welcomed oasis of support and understanding.  If you or someone you know could benefit from their service, please visit their website at this LINK.