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5 Year Anniversary

By: AJ Hetzel


80% of Businesses are said to fail within 5 years of operations.  It’s a common statistic.  Yet, here I sit, 5 years after taking a trip down to Broughton Street and filing for a Business License.  I can’t say that it has been my life long dream to run an Estate Sale company.  In all honesty, it came completely unexpected.  I was no stranger to the thrill of estate sales and I enjoyed shopping for bargains and treasures as much as the next person.  However, it was Cody, my husband and business partner who was working in the senior housing sector at the time and saw a need in our area. 

He encouraged me and breathed life into an idea.  Perhaps our biggest benchmark of success was in 2013 when the business had grown strong enough to support both of us full time, and Cody was able to walk away from his corporate job.  We have so much to be thankful for since we started The Mint Green Tag Sale Company all those years ago.  We are so appreciative of our clients who invested in us and trusted us to come into their most private of spaces, and our customers who have been loyal and supportive throughout this journey.  Our team is stronger now than ever before!  So much has to happen behind the scenes before the doors of a sale are opened.  To our dedicated and longtime staffers, we are so grateful. 

Please join us as we celebrate this milestone.  If you have enjoyed our sales, write us a positive review either on Facebook or Google+.  We also welcome any suggestions for future growth to be emailed to us at:   

Here’s to the years to come!