Tips for Successful Estate Sale Shopping

Do you need an Estate Sale?  Well, you’re in the right place!

There are many  reasons why people choose us to facilitate their estate sale:

  • Inherit or become Executor of an estate – most typical scenario
  • Downsize – moving to a retirement community or a smaller home; merging of two households.
  • Liquidation – military deployment, divorce, selling/renting a second home, closing a warehouse/office.

You have a house to clear out in Savannah, but live in Alaska?

No problem.  We can run an estate sale from start to finish while keeping you informed with phone and/or email updates throughout the process.

You say hoarder…WE say opportunity!

Our team is experienced and qualified to handle even the most complex situations and densely packed spaces.

“I’m looking for…”

So you don’t know where the sterling silverware is hidden?  You heard rumors of old stock certificates?  Odds are that we will find a lot of “misplaced” things as we open up drawers and boxes that have not seen the light of day in years/decades.  We also pay special attention for photos, letters, and other items that you might be interested in and can set them aside in a “heirloom” box for you to review at your leisure.

How can I help?

We make it easy.  The beauty of working with The Mint Green Tag Sale Company is that you are able to relax and remove yourself from the situation.  We ask is that you don’t throw away anything until we have a chance to look at it.   Time and time again we have seen the old adage of “trash to treasure” come true.  When it comes to items we consider “un-sellable” it is probably because of the sensitive nature it holds (one example is something with a Social Security number on it).

I know I need an Estate Sale; what’s next?

It is helpful to remove any items that will be retained by the family before an Estate Sale Planner arrives onsite.  Once a sales timeline is established, we ask that the items designated for the sale are not removed.  We have a number of VIP collectors and antique dealers who look for specific items.  If we market the estate sale to have an item, then find out on the day of the sale that a fourth-cousin-twice-removed-on-your-mother’s-side walked out with some key merchandise the day before, it damages the sale.  Think of it as a “bait and switch”…that’s no fun for anyone.

Added Bonus: We’re your buffer.

Remember that cousin mentioned above?  Sadly, it happens more often than not: someone finds out you are about to sell items and comes to you saying, “I sure have always liked that <insert expensive item of desire here>, can I have it?”  This is an instant awkward situation for you…and now you can completely avoid it because you have hired us!  It is easy to deflect the request since you have already had your walk-through with us and it is now considered a part of the estate sale.  If they REALLY want it, they will come on the day of the sale like everyone else.

Your privacy is important to us.

We are often called in to help with a sensitive situation.  All of our clients benefit from our compassion and professionalism.  We believe in confidentiality and will provide such privileges to our client(s).

Any other questions?

Just ask! We are happy to help.

Thank you for considering an estate sale with us.


Shopping Estate Sales is a great way to find unique items at great prices! A well organized sale will have something for everyone! However, for a successful shopping experience, there are some things you should know before you go.

Estate sales are “As is, Where is.” This means that items are literally sold exactly where they are, as they are. It is the buyer’s responsibility to break down, dis-assemble and pack up and load his or her purchases. Be prepared to do some heavy lifting and make sure you bring your own shopping bags, boxes, bubble wrap and tools!

Know how to negotiate. Prices at estate sales and tag sales are usually negotiable. For a three day sale, prices generally will be firm the first day and negotiable the second day, up to 25%. The final day will typically be a “clearance” day with prices being reduced up to 50% (NOTE – this does not mean that everything is discounted). Feel free to leave your best offer if you see an item of interest.

Estate sales are not kid friendly. Spaces are tight and accidents happen. Mature Content is not always censored. Sharp objects abound. There is no public restroom. If you must bring children with you to the sale, make sure they are closely supervised.
Leave the pets at home. We love pets, but they aren’t the best companion to bring to a sale. You do not know how other people will react to seeing a pet – they could be allergic, frightened, or on the flip side overly excited to say hello and scare the animal. A pet could distract the owner and they cause an accident. The pet could have an “accident”. The most unfortunate incident would be that the pet hurts another person. So please leave the pets at home.

Be prepared to wait in line. It’s a good idea to arrive 15 minutes prior to the advertised opening time. Wear comfortable shoes and bring an umbrella.

Cash is king. Bring cash, but make sure you have some small bills.

Always be mindful of where you are. The most important thing to remember when attending an estate sale is that you are a guest in someone’s home. Be respectful of your surroundings at all times, and refrain from making comments on interior of the home and its contents. You never know who is listening.