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Going Green in 2018

Call For Entries!

Who do you know who is GOING GREEN IN 2018?!

Did you know that The Mint Green Tag Sale Company is passionate about the environment and conserving our precious natural resources?  That’s right.  For us Green is a mindset.  It’s who we are!  In the upcoming year, please help us by encouraging the use of second hand items, as well as re-purposing/ recycling vintage items.  The old saying that “They Don’t Make Things Like They Used To” carries a lot of truth.  We see it time and again.  Second hand items often have plenty of life left in them.  A quality piece can last you the rest of your lifetime!  Before you buy something new, Think Green!

Did you know that in addition to selling second hand merchandise, we regularly donate and recycle merchandise from our sales?  We believe that by working together, we can all make a difference!

This is a Call For Entries! We would like to feature other Green Businesses/ Organizations/ Artisans/ and Creative Types on our Blog.  So…  Who do you know who is going green in 2018?  You can nominate yourself!  If your nominee gets featured on our blog, both you and the recipient will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to come and shop with us.

Please provide the following to our email

     Business Name/ Location/ Website/ Facebook/ Instagram

     Years in Business and/ or honing your craft:

     Describe the work that you do and the service that you offer, or the art that you create:

     How are you currently preserving/ protecting the environment?

     How can the local Community better support you and your efforts?

     How did you learn your trade?

     What inspired you to get started?

     What does Going Green mean to you?

     Favorite Quote or Motto:


We are so excited to hear from you and learn about the good things happening in our community!