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5 Year Anniversary

By: AJ Hetzel   80% of Businesses are said to fail within 5 years of operations.  It’s a common statistic.  Yet, here I sit, 5 years after taking a trip down to Broughton Street and filing for a Business License. …

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Guest Blog: Coastal Chic DIY

Guest Blog by: Polly Stramm Carver Coastal Chic DIY As newlyweds and new homeowners, my husband and I are always looking for good, quality furniture.  That’s why I love Mint Green Tag Sales!  A few months ago in the “announcement”…

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Just in time for Easter: Fabergé Eggs

If you love Easter then you know the history of the Fabergé egg.  Here are some quick notes for those who don’t: Initially, these eggs were made under the supervision of renowned jeweler Peter Carl Fabergé and consisted of precious…

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Guest Blog: (Re) Minted Art

Guest Blog by: Russell Kueker (Re) Minted Art If you have a creative bone in your body, you probably saw the newsprint clipping of a quote making the rounds on social media last year: “People need art in their houses. …

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Guest Blog: Sconces

Guest Blog by: Mary Kramer Facebook: Lighten Up with Some Sconces I always check out the photos of the current Mint Green Tag Sale and make a list as there are so many treasures to be had and…

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Guest Blog: The Curious Cabinet

Guest Blog by: Deborah Miller Facebook & Twitter:  @VersairDesigns   The Curious Cabinet While at a recent Mint Green Tag Sale,  I uncovered a curious cabinet and couldn’t resist the price!  I thought to myself, what do I have…

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