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Going Green in 2018

Call For Entries! Who do you know who is GOING GREEN IN 2018?! Did you know that The Mint Green Tag Sale Company is passionate about the environment and conserving our precious natural resources?  That’s right.  For us Green is…

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The Well-Appointed Savannah Home

The Well-Appointed Savannah Home by AJ Hetzel, Estate Sale Planner A behind the scenes look into Savannah’s most fashionable homes!   The Mint Green Tag Sale Company has liquidated the personal property of a variety of traditional Savannah homes.  From…

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5 Year Anniversary

By: AJ Hetzel   80% of Businesses are said to fail within 5 years of operations.  It’s a common statistic.  Yet, here I sit, 5 years after taking a trip down to Broughton Street and filing for a Business License. …

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Guest Blog: Coastal Chic DIY

Guest Blog by: Polly Stramm Carver Coastal Chic DIY As newlyweds and new homeowners, my husband and I are always looking for good, quality furniture.  That’s why I love Mint Green Tag Sales!  A few months ago in the “announcement”…

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Just in time for Easter: Fabergé Eggs

If you love Easter then you know the history of the Fabergé egg.  Here are some quick notes for those who don’t: Initially, these eggs were made under the supervision of renowned jeweler Peter Carl Fabergé and consisted of precious…

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Guest Blog: (Re) Minted Art

Guest Blog by: Russell Kueker (Re) Minted Art If you have a creative bone in your body, you probably saw the newsprint clipping of a quote making the rounds on social media last year: “People need art in their houses. …

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